Alzheimer's & Dementia Online Academy Course

Understanding Behaviors as Forms of Communication Training

About this Course

This training will aim to highlight the importance of understanding the impact dementia and related illness has on a person’s ability to communicate. As a result, care partners and care professionals may need to shift their communication approach and gain insight into the variety of ways individuals living with dementia may communicate. Through this workshop, we will look to reframe typical “problem behaviors” sometimes exhibited by individuals living with dementia as expressions of need and explore the myriad of ways individuals with dementia commonly communicate their needs, especially as the illness progresses. Participants will explore strategies to proactively meet needs, as well as develop tools to de-escalate and diffuse situations if they arise.
From this workshop you will learn to:
1. Define the stages and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Recognize distressing behaviors as expressions of an unmet need.

3. Identify effective communication strategies.

4. Apply appropriate strategies for responding to distressing behaviors.
A complete course description, including objectives, agenda, speaker bio is available here.

(Cost: $25)

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